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One of my drives (three HDD, two RAID0ed), one DVD and one CDROM, one Zip, is making intermittent strange 'seeking' type noises.

The one non-RAIDed HDD's light does not come on when this happens. Nor do the DVD's, the CDROM's, nor the Zip's. Win 2K does not give any error messages on load.

Or it could be a problem with a fan.

New noises coming from one's box desktop box are always disturbing. But I have no idea what is going bad, or whether I should copy C to D before D dies, or D to C before D dies. Or replace a fan. Or what.

Yes, I do make daily backups, C to D, and the writing folder on C to my Yahoo mail box. Still.

I slept poorly last night. Dreams about the undead, who were more annoying and disturbing than dangerous. One of them resembled a pita. It lay on the floor. Another was a more conventional form of zombie.

I'll bet it was my subconscious trying to deal with drive anxieties.
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