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DID YOU know that when days become longer in the spring, and shorter in the fall, they don't always change at the same rate?

On my days off, I usually go out jogging when it's light enough to see, around 5:30 a.m. EDT in the summer. For various reasons I had not gotten out at that hour for a couple of weeks, and when I stuck my nose out the door this morning, it was still pitch black at 5:30. And that's why I'm sitting here composing an LJ entry at 5:50 instead of being on the road. Summer is waning. Winter is coming on.

Day and night lengths change fastest at the equinoxes, in the spring and the fall, and slowest at the solstices, summer and winter. Summer Solstice this year was June 21. After the solstice, the length of day hardly seems to change at all for a month... two months...but then it accelerates. We are in the dregs of summer now, and the days are getting shorter and the nights longer ever more rapidly. The air is hot, the humidity intense, but the shortening days say autumn, and winter, are waiting for us.

It's light enough now to run, barely. I will run slowly, because of the heat, even now, at 6 a.m. I will enjoy and savor the dying days of Thermidor, the month of Heat in the French Revolutionary calendar, and anticipate Fructidor, the month of Harvests, and the end of the year.

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