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I've been thinking about Mundane SF.

It's almost an oxymoron, isn't it? It makes me wonder what other oxymoronic genre movements might be waiting in the wings.

Realistic Fantasy. Talking unicorns with a weakness for human female virgins, if present, must come with a plausible evolutionary explanation for their existence. Fairies, angels, griffins, rocs, winged dragons and other flying persons and livestock must be aerodynamically correct. All magic must be explainable as prestidigitation. Earth goddesses may be able to do macramé, make tie-dye t-shirts, and cook delicious tofu dinners for the commune, but cannot make verdant forests spring from the earth or converse with animals (beyond things like "Fetch the ball!")

Chaste Porn. A man and a woman, both 18 years old or older, fully clothed, sit on a sofa and pitch woo. I'm sure other things happen—taffy-pulling and the like—but I'm falling asleep just thinking about it, and must stop.

Sentimental Horror. Unspeakable brain-wrenching eldritch monsters from beyond the stars flood the homes of half-breed mongrel cultists with limited edition prints of English cottages surrounded by wildflowers and handbags printed with Raphael cherubs. A man, using a cursed monkey's paw, wishes his dead son to return. The son does so, and the happy reunited family goes out for lunch at a nice restaurant, although the foul liquors of decay that ooze from the son's body tend to stain the upholstery, and the stench of his decaying flesh makes nearby diners lose their appetites. Vampires invade a quaint New England town, drastically lowering property values and inciting domestic strife, but are bravely fought against by a young writer and a boy, who circulate petitions, hold bake sales, and make speeches at the Town Meeting, resulting in a series of progressive zoning and employment laws that lead to the vampires becoming productive members of the community, registering to vote, and attending PTA meetings.

Soft Hard SF. I can't figure out whether this one is about brilliantly competent sociologists rigorously using the logic of their field of knowledge to solve problems, or about future engineers and spacemen being inconvenienced by the discovery that all the laws of nature are socially constructed.

Utilitarian Romance. Sensitive-but-saucy heroine spends an entire novel pursuing a dull-as-ditchwater accountant [accountants may substitute 'rheumatologist'] who bores her to tears, but who will make an excellent provider and father to her children. The novel ends with the strong implication the heroine has calculated correctly, and will lead a moderately content life of suburban tedium and ennui.


meaning: display, hoist, print

前掲== zenkei == (noun, adjective that takes の) above-named
掲示板 == keijiban==  (noun) bulletin board, display board, clipboard

Left radical is one of the radical forms of 'hand'. The right radical is used phonetically to express 'hold aloft'. Henshall suggests taking the right radical as 'sun' (日), a 'cover' and 'sitting person/man' (ヒ), and as a mnemonic: 'Man sits covered in sunshine, displaying hand'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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