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Lunch with my local face-to-face crit group yesterday, including mroctober, klingonguy, oracne, and filomancer. Was anyone else there who has an LJ that I've missed? My "Petite Rat" story got critted, and survived the experience. Among other things, there is general agreement that the heroine is not loveable. Sigh. *I* love her, monster though she is. Wouldn't date her, and would keep my hand on my wallet and one eye on an escape route while in her presence, but I still love her. Hm. Must make her more sympathetic. She's supposed to be modeled after someone with the borderline personality disorder. Maybe that's the problem. Borderlines are notorious for provoking conflict. It's said (funny 'cause it's true) that if the doctor is arguing with the patient ten minutes after entering the room, the patient is probably a borderline. If the patient manages to get the staff arguing with each other within ten minutes, the patient is definitely a borderline.

Other problems identified with story I generally agree with, and will work on. In someone's writing advice I've read, "If you think something doesn't work, it probably doesn't." Most problems the group identified were things that I had doubted, but had been be reluctant to change because I wasn't sure. Maybe I need to caffeinate my internal editor.

I bought some food, including a guacamole which was very well received. For anyone wanting a good guacamole recipe, here it is. The market didn't have any fresh cilantro, so I skipped that.


meaning: corner, nook

片隅== katasumi == (noun) corner, nook
四隅 == yoshimi ==  (noun) four corners

Left radical is the common radical 'terraced hill'. Right radical is the Chinese-only character that we've seen in several characters with the 'GUU' ON reading over the past few days. Here it acts phonetically to express 'fold/recess'. This character originally indicated a hidden recess in a terraced hillside. Its current meanings are broader. Henshall suggests taking the right radical as a combination of 'insect' (虫), 'field' (田), with the middle portion as 'long legs', and as a mnemonic: 'Long-legged insect in corner of hillside field.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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