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Considered creepy

BEAUTY CONTESTS for pre-pubescent girls, like the ones JonBenet Ramsey's family involved her in, are considered creepy by many people. It has something to do with the implied sexualization of children, and something to do with making children grow up too fast, and the falsity of pretending that they're little adults. I admit, though, I had never imagined a Mr. America pageant for little boys—until I saw these photos of  9-year-old boy bodybuilder.

This... is really weird. I get the same queasy feeling looking at these pictures of a 9-year-old's head on the tiny body of an adult male, as I do looking at pictures of JonBenet dressed as a Las Vegas showgirl: we're making a kid into something a kid really should not be.

Before I saw these pictures, I had been under the impression that boys below the age of puberty simply were unable to develop large muscles, because they lacked the testosterone needed to develop muscle. Apparently not. Unless—the kid's parents have been dosing him with anabolic steroids, which would be a Very Bad Thing, from many points of view. But he's not only muscular, but very defined, very cut. I know that adult bodybuilders can't get that way without going on a near-starvation diet of almost pure protein, with no fats or carbs. Such a diet is not healthy for kids, who need a certain amount of fat in their diet to develop properly.

Whether we think this kid looks odd or not, I hope his parents are doing the right thing by him, from a health standpoint.

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