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Food woes

I HAVEN'T posted a recipe in a while. No, the reason is not Tribes 2. ^^

Well, maybe it is a little. But more of the reason is that I've been having bad luck with recipes lately. I don't know about you, but I have to try out five to ten recipes before I find one worth making again. Doesn't matter whether it's from the back of a cereal box, from a food group on Usenet, from a friend or co-worker, or from the most expensive and celebrated gourmet magazine or book. The sad truth is that most recipes suck.

But like everything, I have good months, and bad months, runs of winners, and depressing runs of losers. I've been in a run of losers lately. There was Ken Hom's Beef with Peppers, that was okay, but no more than okay. And Ken Hom's Steamed Pork Loaf in which strong flavors of preserved fish and ginger just overwhelmed the pork. I like a lot of Ken Hom's recipes, but sometimes even Hom-er nods. [insert yuks here] And the chicken-breasts with-rice-and-two-kinds-of-Campbell-soup casserole that came out with the rice undercooked, the different tastes of the soups fighting each other instead of blending gracefully, and badly over-salted. I thought about trying to fix it, but I don't know that it's worth the bother for such a humble dish. The chocolate cream cheese frosting recipe from the Gourmet magazine book of desserts tasted exactly like store-bought chocolate icing in a can. Boo, hiss. The attempt to splice the genes of a carrot cake and a banana chocolate chip cake came out tasty, but much too heavy, and probably too sweet. This item is still under research.

Let's face it, I'm in a slump. The sportswriters are all over my case, the fans are calling into the radio talk-shows complaining about how their six-year-old could do better in the kitchen, my nurses are threatening to bring in Krispy Kreme doughnuts to work instead of waiting for me to bring in something edible.

I'm in a slump. This will end some time, and better days will come. In meantime, there's always Starbucks Coffee Almond Fudge ice cream. That always comes out right.

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