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Tribes 2, again, again. And again.

ALTHOUGH I'VE had a lot of things on my mind I wanted to talk about lately, I've been slack about updating LJ.

I blame Tribes 2.

Hi. My name's Slithy, and I've got a gaming dependency. Oh, I'll go cold turkey for a while, even for months, but ultimately in a moment of weakness I'll fall off the wagon, pop the CD in my drive, and in moments, I'm fragging away, ashamed but happy. Seriously, it it's not out of line to describe my behavior towards games I really enjoy as addictive. RPG's and on-line multiplayer games are especially bad for me. The first time I played on-line Quake...

I had played Doom, single player, loved it, but got bored halfway through Doom 2. When id released the Quake shareware, I downloaded it, played through it. It was okay. Impressive technology, cool weapons, but no story. I became aware that you could play this game over the net. What might that be like? I picked a server off ][ronman's site (this was before Gamespy), and logged in.

Oh My God. I had never experienced anything like this. You could actually shoot real people. I didn't do well, I had a mediocre computer by the standards of the time (a Pentium 90 Mhz) and was on a modem, so I usually got taken down by college kids on their T1's and T-3's. But still, it was amazing fun. Scary fun. I played obsessively, compulsively. I played without eating, without drinking, without going to the bathroom until I couldn't stand it any longer. I slept less. Quake filled my dreams. I lost weight. I am not kidding about this. Co-workers started to say I looked haggard.

I got over the worst of that initial fervor in a couple of months, and eventually gave up straight deathmatch for CTF. I've played mostly Quake, but tried Tribes for a few months in 1999, before getting seriously addicted to Everquest. There's a post about that coming, too. Tribes 2 was released in April of this year, and I had bought it a while ago, but never got around to installing it until a few days ago.

I've posted before that my current PC is just not up to the task of running Tribes 2 with any reasonable framerate. It's true, but I'm still enjoying playing the game. It's got a steepish learning curve, there are an awful lot of different things you can do, and different strategies for playing the game, but I'm enjoying climbing it. It's a good-looking game, with mostly outdoor settings, and a lot of eyecandy if you turn all the options on. I love the way the fog hugs the ground in the green hollows and plains between the hills, and the sweeping contrails of our team's Shrike fighters and Thundersword bombers as they streak off into the dim distance. The sounds are nice, but there are no ambient sounds that I can tell. Cicadas. They really should have added cicadas.

Still and all, it is an addiction. It is pathological. I recognize that. Eventually, I must give it up. At least until the Next Big Game comes along.

People on LJ have many different posting styles, don't they? Some are very free to give out the intimate details of their emotional lives, and their struggles with their peers and parents and love interests. Me, I've been shy about revealing too much of myself. That's me. I'm like that in Real Life®, too.

This post is probably as self-revealing as I've gotten.

Am I scaring you off, yet, Gentle Reader? I'm kind of scaring me. ^^

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