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Happy Summer Solstice! It's all downhill from here.

If you buy DVD's from DeepDiscountDVD, already usually the cheapest source on the web for DVDs, you should know that from now until June 25 they will take 20% off if you use the code USATODAY.

I'll be getting Firefly and a couple more disks of Juuni Kokki. The deal code is only good for a single order per customer.

I'm really wondering whether it's a good idea to buy DVDs at all right now. Two competing HD recorded formats will be appearing near the end of this year. Are DVDs about to go the way of the VHS tape? HD players will be hella expensive for a few years, but if the history of DVD players is a guide, HD player prices will then fall steeply. Hrm. I'll continue to buy DVDs for now, but I expect to switch within the next year or two.

There's a new show being fansubbed by the Ryuu-Rogue and aarinfantasy groups: Patalliro Saiyuki. Saiyuki? Yep, this is yet another remake of the Monkey King/Journey to the West story, this time using the Patalliro/Patarillo/パタリロ characters. Patarillo himself is cast as Son Goku.

Episodes are short, less than 10 minutes. It's on Kids Station, so I'm guessing the show won't be dripping homoeroticism, as the 1982 TV version was. But ya never know.

Fansubs of the 1982 version are almost impossible to find. I've seen a couple at ShoujoCon. It is a truly hallucinogenic show. Region 2 DVDs are available, and I wish some digisubbing group would take it on as project, but no one has yet, to my knowledge.

For the last month I haven't been able to turn on the TV or open a newspaper without being told that we are in an unsustainable real estate bubble that is about to burst.

That tells me that it's not about to burst. When it comes to economic trends, when the popular media know something, it's usually not true. When everybody knows the bubble is about to burst—it's not about to burst.

I'm not talking about general economic advice. The popular media know that most people shouldn't try to time the market, that most people should be in index funds and not try to pick individual stocks, that you should keep a rainy day cash fund, that you should max out your IRA and 401K contributions every year, and so forth. All those things are true. But the media, and human beings in general, are terrible about spotting trends and picking tops and bottoms.

We do seem to be in a real estate bubble, and it will end, like the tech/telecom stock market bubble of the 1990's that we're still hungover from. But it won't end until everybody thinks it will go on forever, until we're all complacent again.

That's my opinion. It's worth what you paid for it.


meaning: shout, yell

絶叫== sekkyou == (noun that can take する to act as a verb) exclamation, scream, shout
叫び声 == sakebigie == (noun) shout, yell, scream

Left radical is 'mouth/say' (口). Right radical is 'intertwined threads', which acts phonetically to express 'sudden'. Henshall suggests taking the right radical as a 'pitchfork', and as a mnemonic: 'Pitchfork in mouth evokes yell.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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