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Poul Anderson dies

THIS STORY is a day old, sorry. Poul Anderson is dead. Poul Anderson was one of the major names among SF writers in the 60's through the 80's. I was never a huge fan of his, but he was a presence so large in SF that you couldn't avoid knowing about him. I really enjoyed his novels Three Hearts and Three Lions and Tau Zero. The first is a fantasy, the second is 'hard' sf about how, when you approach very, very, VERY close to the speed of light, the universe starts to get extremely strange.

He mentioned once that in writing fiction, he tried to appeal to each of the five senses at least once per page. That idea stuck with me, for some reason, and I try to do it in my own writing. I don't force some reference to each of the senses whether it's appropriate or not, but I find it helpful in creating a scene, or depicting what a character is experiencing, to make an effort to think about not just what things look like or sound like, but what someone present might smell, or taste, or feel. I think a lot of fiction, especially amateur fiction, is flatter and less interesting than it might be because it doesn't appeal to all our senses.

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