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I took care of a patient last night named 'Dawn'. It made me think: 'Dawn' strikes us as a normal woman's name. Why aren't women named after other times of day? Where are the women named Noon, Midday, Twilight, Dusk, Gloaming, Midnight? Where are all the women named Tiffin? Or Teatime? Or the ones named Quarter Past Two?

I'd date a Tiffin. Tiffin McIlhenny, who went to school at St. Wilgefortis. St. Wilgefortis was a 4th Century Anatolian Christian girl who was scalped by a heathen prince whose offer of marriage she declined. A painting of St. Wil, holding up her bloody scalp as a gift to Jesus, decorated the assembly hall. Tiffin was captivated by it.

Failing to make the cheerleading squad, she eventually became captain of the chess team. She was in the debating club for a while, but quit because she could not develop the conviction necessary to argue either side of the question, 'Which is mightier, the pen or the sword?' "There are things to be said for both sides," she averred. After college, Tiffin spent two years in the Peace Corps, in Zambia and Burma, but became disenchanted. She met many heathens in Zambia and Burma, but none either married her or scalped her, much to the relief of Tiffin's mother.

Tiffin has worked as a paralegal since the early 1980's. She has become rather disenchanted with the law, too, but soldiers on. She believes in stiff upper lips.

She has never married. She drives small Japanese cars. She saves a startlingly large percentage of her income. She gives generously to charities. She has a cat. She watches HBO dramas, and is glad she isn't a prison employee or a member of a mob family, but sometimes wishes she were an undertaker.


meaning: hill

砂丘 == sakyuu == (noun) sand dunes
丘陵地帯 == kyuuryuuchitai == (noun) hill country, hilly area

Originally a pictograph depicting two hills. Henshall suggests taking the top part as 'axe' (斤), the bottom stroke as 'ground level', and as a mnemonic: 'Reduce hill to ground level with axe.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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