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Vocabulary: Pants

LEARNED A new word. Actually, an old word with new meaning when used as slang:

pants (pánts)

n. Informal

Something that is useless, worthless, or does not meet the needs or expectations of the speaker: I'll stick with the Unreal Tournament engine - Quake 3 was pants. [found on the Blues News forum]

Pseudodictionary also gives these examples of usage: that website is a pile of pants and: the weather is completely pants today.

I think it's funny that 'pants' means 'bad', but 'ass' means good, as in 'The new Bjork CD is ass'. Oddly, Pseudodictionary doesn't even list this meaning of 'ass', although it's pretty common.

I've heard a lot of slang, and I don't think I've ever heard this usage of 'pants' before. I'm on the US East Coast. Is it a West Coast-ism? Or maybe it's a British Empire-ism: the user on the Blues News forum also used another Britishism, 'toss': "Who gives a toss about needing a GF3 to run Doom3?"

Anyone else heard this? Anyone from the British Empire? Australia? Canada? Hint, hint? ^^


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