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Cat or not?

Kitten War.

Towards a General Theory of Kitten Kawaii-itude:

  1. Younger is cuter than older.
  2. Sleeping is cuter than awake.
  3. Sleeping on back is cuter than sleeping on stomach.
  4. Glowing eyes are not cute.
  5. Being in some object (bag, sink, bowl, under blanket, etc.) is cute.
  6. Two kittens are cuter than one.
  7. Fluffy is cute, hairless (i.e., Sphinx) is not cute.
  8. Typical proportion of body parts is cute, unusual proportion of body parts (e.g., Devon Rex) is not cute (cf. the 'uncanny valley').
  9. White is cute, black is cute, tabby is cute, calico is cute, orange tabby is neutral, Siamese is neutral, tortoiseshell is not cute.
  10. 'Smiling' is cute, yawning is cute, licking nose with tongue is not cute, 'frowning' is not cute.
  11. Kittens in well-lit, properly-focused photographs with a normal color histogram, who fill most of the frame and whose entire faces are visible, are cuter than kittens who own crappier photographers.

These are not necessarily what I consider cute, but what I observe that others consider cute.


meaning: (Oriental) chess

将棋盤 == shougiban == (noun) board for playing shogi
将棋倒し == shougidaoshi == (noun) falling one after another

Left radical is 'wood' (木). Right was originally a pictograph of a 'winnowing device', which acts phonetically to express 'little'. The reference is to the 'little wooden' pieces of a game-playing set. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Play with wooden chess pieces while winnowing.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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