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And now my mail is mostly neo-Nazi spam.


Damn W32.Sober.[A-Z]. Damn idiots who click on any attachment to their e-mail. Damn ARPANET and NSFNET and Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn and everyone who designed internet protocols based on the charmingly naive belief that all the other people on the internet were actually trustworthy, normal folks, and not a bunch of psychopathic seventh graders, amoral salesdroids, anti-circumcision cranks, Nazis, Communists, fake Rolex touts, and people who believe that immortality and world peace can be achieved by administering high-colonic enemas to everyone three times a day.

I give the Nazi spam another month. If it persists beyond that, I will just have to change my main email address, which I had hoped to keep clean and spam-free forever. Damn.

What I did wrong, I suspect, is to use that address to subscribe to a mailing list, EMED-L, and someone else on EMED-L picked up the worm, and it grabbed my addy from them. (Several of the spams have used the addresses of others on EMED-L to spoof the return address.) OTOH, I also get run-of-the-mill penis enlargement and lower-your-mortgage spam to that address, probably because the mailing list is publicly archived on a webpage, the page got scraped, and the addy is being sold around from spammer to spammer.

In even more depressing news, I just received my first spam for my LJ email contact address. It's for rape videos. Great.

It's depressing because LJ addresses are lightly obfuscated, and simple scraping won't produce a valid address. They're not supposed to be easily acquired by spammers. Although it shouldn't be terribly difficult to parse out the address from the code, especially if you know the format. And now it looks like someone has done that.

Not a big problem yet, but the way spammers sell addresses back and forth, it will probably grow. And I will have to change my LJ username, and stop displaying the address on my page. Grrrrrr.

In the end, I suppose, there's really no safety anywhere. Even if I designate an email address just for friends and colleagues, there's no guarantee that one of them won't pick up a worm, which will grab my name from their email hoard, send it all over the place, sell it, and so forth.


meaning: devil, demon, ghost

鬼才 == kisai == (noun) wizard, genius, great talent
鬼ごっこ == onigokko == (noun) game of 'tag' [the person called 'it' in English, is 鬼 in Japan]

Anyone who has watched Fushigi Yuugi is familiar with this character. Originally a pictograph of a crouching person wearing a mask, being a person in a religious ritual, who represented the spirits of the dead. Henshall suggests remembering this character by association with 'thinking/thought' (思), the bottom portion as a 'distorted' version of 'heart' (心), and as a mnemonic: 'Distorted heart produces devilish thought.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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