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via dancingspring: Parents are less attentive to the safety of ugly children than pretty ones.

I can think of several potential problems with this study—like the impossibility of proper blinding—but let's assume for the sake of argument that it's valid.

I can think of a few plausible and disturbing implications that the investigators didn't mention.

Because looks are largely a product of genetics, maybe we're looking at this data the wrong way. If the kid is ugly, the parent is probably ugly. Obviously, the proper conclusion from this data is that unattractive people take worse care of their children than pretty people.

This confirms what Hollywood and Madison Avenue have been telling us forever: pretty people are good, physical unattractiveness is a sign of evil. Moral virtue, as in Extruded European Fantasy novels, is a result of noble bloodlines. People should vote for politicians based on whether they're handsome. The ethical insights of movie stars and models should be taken seriously. Juries should be more apt to convict you if you're ugly than if you're beautiful, because if you're ugly, you're more likely to be guilty, just like in the movies. 

Is everyone throwing up, yet? (If you aren't, then please do so: bulimia makes you thin, thin is attractive, and being attractive shows that you are a better person. Glad to help.)

It's almost impossible to be too appalled by this development. The next logical step, of course, is to ban Botox, silicone, plastic surgery and personal trainers, because they are clearly a ruse to enable homely people to look beautiful when in fact they are not. It allows unattractive (and therefore evil) people to fake moral virtue by disguising the mark of Cain with which they were born. Better ban make-up, too. And Clearasil. And elevator shoes and shoulder pads and Wonderbras and Rogaine. All tools of deception.

Okay, I'm just riffing here. You can't really conclude all the above stuff from a single study of questionable design. But the authors' actual conclusions aren't surprising. We know that juries are more likely to acquit an attractive defendant than an unattractive one. We know that women have more orgasms with attractive sexual partners than with unattractive ones, and that even babies respond more to faces that adults consider attractive.

Beauty is a perilous mystery. In the shadows of her temple, Beauty's drowsy sibyl whispers her secrets to us in riddles we can scarcely understand.

In even less welcome news, most of my email is now the thrice-damned Sober worm. Aaarrrrggghhh.

If you haven't done so already, please get Symantec's Sober removal tool and run it on your PC. Depending on the speed of your PC, and the amount of stuff on your drive, it may take from a few minutes to half an hour. Thanks.

and before you ask, the 'sober removal tool' is not a bottle of vodka, thanks for playing


meaning: include, contain

含蓄 == gansaku == (noun) implication, significance, connotation, depth of meaning, complications of a problem
含有 == ganyuu == (noun which can take する to act as a verb) contain, include

Left radical is 'mouth' (口), top radical is 'now' (今), used here in its literal meaning of 'cover'. 'Covered by mouth' is a way of saying 'contained in mouth'; the meaning now includes broader uses of 'contain'. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Now contained in the mouth.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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