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Poll #479208 Identify this graphic

Identify the source of this image:

Part of the ticket to a Rolling Stones concert in 1982, part of their East Asia tour of that year. The mouths were to be punched to indicate the bearer's seating area.
Part of an anesthiology pre-op checklist. The mouths represent different patient anatomy relating to intubation difficulty.
Part of training materials for a ring of under-age prostitutes that operated in the East Coast metropolitan corridor in the late 1970's. The mouths are part of a training program in Modern Fellatio Theory.
Part of a well-intentioned but ultimately unsuccessful attempt to teach mothers to feed their infants by putting food in the mouth of the child that opened the widest, after the manner of birds.
The human body is really gross, when you think about it. Especially its openings. I'd rather be a robot. Why can't I be a robot?
I think I dated No. 3, once.


meaning: endure, consider, investigate, sense

勘違い == kanchigai == (noun, can take する to act as a verb) misunderstanding, wrong guess
勘弁 == kanben == (noun, can take する to act as a verb) pardon, forgiveness, forbearance

Right radical is 'strength/effort' (力). Left radical is 'great/exceedingly' (甚), acting phonetically to express 'endure/tolerate' Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Make exceedingly great effort to investigate.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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