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What the hell is wrong with you Japan!?

Jascii, who used to review anime currently running in Japan, hasn't updated for months. Lost in WoW, it looks like. Ain't it always the way.

I noticed on Envirosphere there's a new guy critting current shows, HK's Ghetto Reviews. Fun, but very mean.

No meaner than current anime deserves, though. Anime has sucked lately. Let me repeat that. SUCKED. HK seems to agree. I frequently disagreed with Jascii, who had a weakness for fan servicey shounen harem shows. HK doesn't. His capsule review for the horrible-sounding He is My Master:

Gothic lolipantsu maid sisters live with a loser rich kid. Pantsularity ensues.

Not including the op, it took them a whole 4 minutes and 45 seconds to have the first bra and panty shot. I'm kind of surprised... And I have to say, there's some serious definition to the pantsu, it's not your run of the mill panty shot either. Great, they just revealed the oldest one is 14. What the hell is wrong with you Japan!? 13 and 14 year old live-in lolipantsu maids T_T.

What is it with the maid fetish? There's got to be damned maid in French maid's costume in every damned show.

Part of the problem with the current dearth of good anime is that the good shows get licensed, leaving the bow-wows in the torrent lists. But that's only part of it. Anime seems to be in a slump right now. I can think of only one truly absorbing show in the last two years: Madlax. Sorry, all you FMA fans, I enjoyed the show, I just don't see much depth in it. So many new shows seem to genres that I don't care for, such as shounen sports, shounen harem, shounen fighting, shows based on H-games or fighting games. Shoujo shows have been too saccharine.

No one is coming up with anything new in anime, they're just taking the same old parts, mixing them together in new combinations, and dialing them up or down: shounen harem with three girls, shounen harem with five girls, shounen harem with three girls with swords and giant robots, lesbian priestesses with giant robots vs. catgirls, shounen harem with catgirl vampires... you get the picture. Arrrrgggh. I may just swear off anime for while.


meaning: crown

金冠 == kinkan == (noun) gold dental crown
弱冠 == jakkan == (noun) aged 20, youth

Top portion is 'cover'. Middle/right radical is 'hand/measure' (寸). Bottom/left radical is 'origin' (元), being used in its literal sense of 'head'. Thus, 'cover head using hand', i.e., a reference to placing a crown on the head. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Measure original crown to ensure covers head.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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