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My hospital recently acquired an 'open' MRI scanner, and is touting it like crazy.

Some people have claustrophobic sensations while being in an MRI scanner of the usual design, in which the patient lies on a narrow cot in a metal tube within the bowels of the scanner. This is well-known to laypeople, to the point of becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy, IMO, and causing patients unnecessary fear of having an MRI, who might otherwise have tolerated it perfectly well. It has generated a market for 'open' MRI scanners, in which the patient lies on an open table, and a marketing opportunity for hospitals who purchase these gadgets.

I had an MRI scan myself a couple of years ago, for back pain, in the old type of scanner. It was an entirely unremarkable experience. It was after a night shift, and I dozed a bit in the scanner.

It was noisy, though. Imagine being a mouse hiding in a grandfather clock. There was a continuous loud metallic clanking from outside my tube. I imagined an immense space filled with chains and titanic gears and cogs.

I imagine that I will make a good corpse, some day. Eternity in a narrow pine box? Not a problem. Perhaps there will also be continuous banging from outside my coffin, as they build euthanasia cubicles, rolling roadways, teleportation terminals and space ports over me.


ama(i), ama(eru), ama(yaksu)
meaning: sweet, presume upon

甘美 == kanbi == (noun, adjective that takes な) sweet
甘言 == kangen == (noun) cajolery

Originally a pictograph of a mouth (口) with something (一) in it. Henshall suggests taking the outer portions as an 'exaggerated mouth',  as a mnemonic: 'Mouth exaggeratedly savors sweet thing.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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