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Are you a freak? Take the Freak Test!

My results:

Need to be unique: 34%
Need to NOT conform: 87%
Willingness to express dissent: 82%
Overall: 59%

Overall, I have a 'need to be unique' of 59%, a little more than half the population.

The guys who put it up on the web called it the 'Freak Test' (because of their need to NOT conform, perhaps?), I suppose, but it seems actually to be a reasonably respectable psychological test of one's 'Need for Uniqueness'. Note that the test's norms are a little odd: they seem to have used people who took this test on the net in 1997 as their base! In other words, when you take the test you are being compared not to the general population, but probably to a bunch of other net-heads. Whee!

I'll buy into the results, pretty much. I don't care if I don't conform, and I'm usually pretty willing to express dissent. But, like the test says, I see no special value in personal uniqueness, and I don't fret much that about whether I'm unique or not.

How about you?

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