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And speaking of ways to to almost kill yourself and wind up in the ER, I have just discovered Le Parkour, aka Free Running, aka Free Walking. A fellow ER doc posted this to the EMED-L mailing list:

I recently met a 19 year old male who had fractured both heels the day before while practicing "Free walking" an apparent new sport which he defined for me as "jumping off stuff". He had been crawling around for a day before he came to the ED and will spend at least 3 months in a wheelchair according to his orthopedist.

I had never heard of this. It's apparently a lot bigger in England and the continent than it is in the US. So far, anyway. A page of Le Parkour videos.

Reminds me of when break dancing began to show up in the medical literature as cervical spine fractures. Ah, the memories.

Later note: Serendipitously discovered, on the feed (overlawyeredcom), what happens when Le Parkour comes to America, and people hurt themselves jumping off buildings. Yep, you guessed it: they sue the buildings.


meaning: leisure, free time

余暇 == yoka == (noun) leisure, leisure time, spare time
暇潰し == himatsubushi == (noun) waste of time

Left radical is 'day' (日), right radical is an early form of the character for  'false', used phonetically to express 'space'. Thus, 'day of space', or leisure. Henshall suggests taking the middle part as 'doorsteps' (a 'door' being half of swinging gates (門), and two steps), and the right part as a variant of 'hand holding tool/weapon' (the top part as 'axe', the bottom part is one of the 'hand' radicals'), which also means 'repair', as a mnemonic:  'Use handy tool to repair doorsteps on free day.' Ugh. Not one of Henshall's better mnemonics.

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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