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Okay, the current meme: 10 things I have done that you probably have not:

1. Named my dissecting group's cadaver after a character in Lawrence Durrell's 'Alexandria Quartet'.

2. Done the Heimlich maneuver on a Komodo dragon.

3. Flown over the Himalayas in a PBY Catalina seaplane, and been shot at while doing so.

4. Had the larva of a rare African fly implanted beneath my skin to save the species from extinction. (Other mammalian hosts were eventually found, thank heavens.)

5. Had a species named after me. (Luxophilus ioannesschoffstalliensis, a nematode that parasitizes a luminescent sea slug of deep ocean trenches.) 

6. Had a Erdös number that was the root of the square of the hypotenuse of my von Neumann number and my Crick number.

7. Have fingerprints in a pattern of whorls and loops that bear an uncanny resemblance to Akkadian script that, when translated, reads, "Brother of the Lord of Terror."

8. Have been an extra in Rashomon (a small boy in a crowd scene).

9. Saved the granddaughter of Ho Chi Minh from rape during the Tet Offensive, only to discover that she was a lamia, and narrowly escape death at her jaws.

10. Told nine preposterous lies about unusual things I've done in an LJ entry.

A woman came to my ER last night with multiple complaints that didn't seem to add up to anything. Headache. Dizziness. Intermittent chest pain. Feeling lousy. The triage nurse asked her whether anyone else at home was ill. "Oh, yeah, they're all falling down," she said. The triage nurse called 911, police were dispatched to the house. Carbon monoxide level in the living quarters: 100 ppm.

9 people from that house were brought to my ER. CO levels in all but one were above 15. Four children and two adults with levels between 20% and 30% hemoglobin saturation were transported to Big University Hospital that has a hyperbaric chamber. No coma. No heart attacks. No strokes. A save!

But. The house had a carbon monoxide detector. It functioned correctly. Instead of paying attention to it, they turned it off because it was making so much noise.


Yeah, the alert triage nurse saved the family. They'll all probably do okay. But it needn't have happened.

meaning: think, remember

記憶 == kioku == (noun, noun which takes する to act as a verb) memory, recollection, remembrance
憶説 == okusetsu == (noun) hypothesis, speculation, surmise

Left radical is one of the radical forms of 'heart/feelings'. Right radical is 'think/thought' (意). Thus, 'a thought kept in the heart', or a memory. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic:  'A thought in the heart is a thought remembered.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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