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Silken Samarcand to cedar'd Lebanon

Today is St. Agnes' Eve. And it is indeed 'bitter chill' here in the Northeast, for the owl, the hare, the Beadsman, and my toes, which (along with the rest of me) have just shoveled the driveway.

I really do love Keats' poem. Is there anything more sensuous in the English language?

Elsewhere in the news, my fellow Clarionite webpetals has received the cover pic for her next novel, A Taste of Crimson. Very sweet.

nagusa(mi), nagusa(mu), nagusa(meru)
meaning: comfort, console, amusement

慰安 == ian == (noun) solace, amusement, relaxation
慰霊祭 == ireisai == (noun) memorial service

Bottom radical is 'heart/feelings'. Top radical is 'military rank' (尉), for reasons that are etymologically unclear. Henshall suggests taking the top radical as 'corpse' (the upper/outer radical), 'show' (示), and  'measure/hand' (寸), and as a mnemonic: 'Shown corpse's hand to console feelings.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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