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50 Lies About Art

I FOUND this list of 50 lies about art (the writer, Philip Kennicott, calls them '50 truisms, half-truths, blatant lies and childish wishes') from the Washington Post very amusing. Scroll down the page to read the list.

As the writer says, there is some truth in a lot of them, but stated as flat absolutes they become nonsense.

The writer makes some questionable statements himself, though. For example:

We are growing further and further away from a society in which making art is a common practice, and this seems to deepen the hold of cliches on our thinking. Proper ladies don't necessarily have to know how to play the harpsichord; gentlemen don't toss off sonnets to seal the romantic deal. As we become a society of art consumers, with little real experience with the technical issues of making art, we have less and less of substance to say about it.

Was there ever a time when the average gentleman 'tossed off sonnets' to impress his ladylove? And if not playing the harpsichord, there are an awful lot of gurls out there playing piano, and guitar, and bass, and synth, and singing, and creating web pages and building gothy art cars, and doing all kinds of art. I really think that the idea that we do less art than we did in some mythical Once Upon A Time, is Lie about art #51.

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