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Verizon DSL connectivity was down all yesterday morning. I have been having trouble getting wordcount in mornings after I've come home from work, but yesterday morning I cranked out 539 words.

There's a lesson here, I think.

Happy birthday, chance88088, tikigods, and Clark Ashton Smith!

meaning: authority, threaten

脅威 == kyoui == (noun) threat, menace
威張る == ibaru == (verb) to be proud, to swagger

Originally a pictograph of a woman (女) and a broad-bladed halberd. (Mmmm, women with halberds...) The halberd element acts phonetically to express 'fearsome'. Thus, 'fearsome woman', which was (I am not making this up) a term of address by a new bride towards her mother-in-law. Cf. the English phrase, 'battle-axe', also frequently pertaining to mothers-in-law. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Authoritative woman threatens with halberd.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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