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Okay, I re-captured all the Utena video I had done before at lower resolution, and re-did the part of my video that I had done at higher resolution. Things are definitely better, but far from perfect. I dunno. I suspect the DC10+ software just doesn't like lots of small video files, which is what I've got. Things are okay when you 'make video', i.e., stuff that gets sent to the TV monitor, but when you're editing, it's still very hairy.

Elsewhere in the news...

Spring is coming to the Northeast. At last. The lawns, which have been brown for the last six months, are barely beginning to signs of green again. Today is, well, not warm exactly, but pleasant, and sunny. My crocuses are popping up, and being eaten by my deer.

Here's a limerick I wrote about spring, years ago:

The first days of spring are pure bliss:
In the park, lovers stroll by and kiss.
A gentle wind blows us
The odor of roses
And Becky's car smells like cat piss.



I was dating a woman named Becky at the time; we met when she had sold me her old car, through an ad in the paper. It was a good car, and lasted me many years, but she had taken her cat to the vet in it once, and the anxious cat had urinated on the passenger-side floor in the front. It usually wasn't a problem, but when the weather warmed up in the spring, the car did begin to smell like cat piss, just a little...
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