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Super easy, super tasty black bean soup

It's soup season in the Northern Hemisphere (ktnflag will just have to wait six months, thpthtpth!), and I just tried out the ultra-simple black bean and salsa soup recipe posted by brandelion to the comments of another recipe in cooking.

I fudged the recipe a little: instead of green onion, I chopped up a plain old yellow onion, sautéed it until clear, then processed it in with the beans and salsa, and I used chicken broth instead of vegetable.

This is amazingly good soup, especially for a recipe so simple and fast. Complex layering of flavors: the tartness and heat of the salsa, the richness and tartness of the sour cream, all on top of the earthiness and body of the beans. Mmmm, just wonderful. I can't imagine a better winter soup. Best new recipe I've found in months.

Go make it immediately!

I must now go try the original recipe in the thread (I tried  brandelion 's first because I had been looking for a better black bean soup recipe for a long time).

meaning: sheep

羊飼い == hitsujikai == (noun) shepherd, shepherdess
羊肉 == youniku == (noun) mutton

Originally a pictograph of a sheep's head and horns. Henshall suggests remembering the three cross strokes by association with 'three' (三), taking them as 'stripes', and as a mnemonic: 'Sheep with fine horns marked with three stripes.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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