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Recent anime that haven't worked for me:

Grenadier. This show is all about huge boobs. The heroine is able to fire a gun, while running, reloading by popping cartridges out of her cleavage (!), and shoot hundreds of enemy bandits, without killing a single one. They all get up afterward. *plonk*

Kannazuki no Miko. This show feels like parts of a dozen other shows pasted together. You have a platonic lesbian romance between two schoolgirls who look and act an awful lot like Yumi and Sachiko. Bad guys with good hair and random supernatural powers. Giant robots. An evil-cute catgirl, who acts a lot like Miruru, chasing the good guys in a space ship. Nonononononono. This is so not working for me.

Mai-HiME. Despite some intriguing elements—an interesting and worthwhile attempt to reinvent the catgirl, for example—with the episode about a supernatural creature that steals girls' underwear, this show has entered into the realm of the way-too-stupid. Dump.

Sunabouzu. About a short (cue short jokes) ninja kind of guy. In a desert-y, post-apocalyptic world. Dumb humor. Lots of action. I'm getting a very Naruto-like feel from this one. Only watched the first episode. Not promising.

Meanwhile, Lunar is stalled on the Gunbuster 2 OAV's (and why, oh why, isn't any other group working on them? This is Gunbuster, for cryin' out loud), and the mildly promising Uta∞Kata series. Deathsquad is the only group doing Windy Tales since Shi-Fa quit, and Deathsquad apparently fell into a pit sometime around November 1. They've had zero releases for the past month.

Oh, wait, Shi-Fa, in combination with Anime Faith, seems to be doing Windy Tales again. Yay!


meaning: squad, group, allot

班長 == hanshou == (noun) squad leader, honcho [holy cow, this actually seems to be where the English word 'honcho' comes from. I had no idea.]
首班 == shuhan == (noun) head, leader, Prime Minister

The outer radicals are a doubling of 'jewel' (玉). Inner radical is 'sword/cut' (刀), in this case meaning divide (as it does in 'understand' (分). This character apparently originally referred to a leader dividing up jewels to allot them to his followers. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Squad receives a cut of the jewels.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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