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Losing "Lost"

I've been hearing a lot of chatter about the TV show Lost, and so I've watched it, up through episode 7. I'm stopping.

Why isn't this show very good?

  1. The characters aren't interesting. Male lead is a surgeon of almost superhuman goodness who nonetheless has father issues. He has no sense of humor. Yawn. Female lead looks good while bathing in her underwear. That's her character. All of it. She has no other discernable trace of personality. Also no sense of humor. Big Bad: young white male with vaguely Southern accent. Red stater, must be Evil. Good Sidekick: bishie Christ-like dark-skinned foreigner who was a member of the Republican Guard. Brilliant. Humble. Persecuted. WTF? The Republican Guard were not just the Iraqi army, they were the equivalent of the Waffen SS. They were Saddam's bully boys, storm troops and mass murderers. They were not nice people. Hello, scriptwriters? If you want a character who is tortured and conflicted, fine, but this guy ain't it, he's too damned good. Oh, and he has no sense of humor.
  2. And on, and on. Every character drawn from the studio's archive of stock characters, every one crashingly dull, not one with a sense of humor. This show is utterly grim.
  3. Stupid stuff. An airplane engine is still running, while sitting on the beach after the crash? You've got to be kidding me. People run into the jungle all the time, chasing their kid's dog, chasing a hallucination of their father, doing radio recon, and never happen to encounter those huge unseen critters who stomp down the trees at night? The critters just show up and stomp around when it's convenient for the script? The FBI agent, or whoever it was, is asked directly what Kate did to be transported in chains, and doesn't say? "Sorry, that would remove an element of suspense from the otherwise lame and plodding plot," he says instead. Okay, he didn't, but he should have.
  4. Medical ridculosity. I'm sorry, but a guy can't be paralyzed for years, and suddenly have it reversed after an airline crash. Let us suppose that it could happen, though. Just suppose. He still won't be able to walk, even if his spinal cord is working fine, because his legs will be atrophied from disuse. (Kill Bill scriptwriters, I'm talking to you, too.) Not going to happen. Unless you postulate magic, or science advanced enough to be indistinguishable from magic. (Maybe that's what's going on, on the island? Then it should have been put on the mantelpiece sooner.) There was more medical ridiculosity in the treatment of the FBI agent, but I forget the details.
  5. Dei ex wazoo. The script calls for bottle rockets? Hey, lookee here, bottle rockets that just happened to be on a transpacific flight, whadyaknow about that! Aaaarrrggghhh.
  6. A main plot that is evolving with truly painful slowness. I watched as far as episode 7, and we still have no idea wtf is going on with the island. We've seen exactly one animal, a polar bear, and now it's dead. Meanwhile, we've been treated to the dull-as-dirt life stories of half the cast, with nothing to look forward to but the grim realization that we will be subjected to the rest of the cast's bios before the season is up. I don't care that your brother snorted heroin and fucked groupies and that therefore you're strung out and it takes a massive effort of will to break your habit, that's very nice for you, but I've seen similar stuff a million times before, and I'm bored with it. If I wanted to watch The Young and the Restless, I'd watch The Young and the Restless.

This is a show about boring, humorless people in tropical surroundings.

The only US TV fiction I have been able to watch in the last couple decades has been Twin Peaks and Buffy. Oh, and sometimes The Simpsons. Someone mentioned that Lost was Twin Peaks-like, so I tried it. I'm not getting it. Not weird enough, not absurd enough, not imaginative enough, characters are dull, dull, dull, stock types out of the desk drawer of some scriptwriter who got the job because he was the producer's nephew.

American TV. Bah, humbug.

I'm goin' back to Gankutsuou (visually experimental sciffy remake of The Count of Monte Cristo), Tsukuyomi Moon Phase (cute vampire catgirls, nyaa!), and catching up on the DVD's of Buffy.

Have a great Thanksgiving! And drive safely, please.

As I was leaving this morning, the HASTE radio system (that alerts Philly-area hospitals to rescue vehicles incoming with patients) alerted some other hospital of an incoming 20's male, six gunshots to the chest, unstable vital signs, three minutes out, good MORNING everyone!

Not that kind of Thanksgiving, please. Or the auto accident kind.

Favorite patient of the night: woman who is afraid of mice wakes up from sleep, sees a mouse. Calls 911. Is brought to ER, where she feels much better, because most ERs are relatively depleted in mice. Got Xanax. Went home. Care plan: follow-up with exterminator.

chichi, chi
meaning: breasts, milk

母乳 == banyuu == (noun) mother's milk
鍾乳洞 == shounyuudou == (noun) limestone cave

Upper left radical is one of the radical forms of 'hand', bottom left radical is 'child' (子).Folk etymology is 'child reaching with hand for breast (right radical)'. This is incorrect. This character is actually 'hand' and 'hole/vagina' (孔), and referred to the manual delivery of an infant. How it arrived at its present meaning is unclear; it may have come to refer to lactation though general connotations of 'care of an infant'. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Child reaches for breast swollen with milk.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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