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The United States of Anglophonia

In the spirit of continuing to beat a dead horse analyze the election by colorful political cartography, here's a breakdown of US counties by dominant religion, and who voted for whom.

Obviously, the most Protestant and Mormon states voted for Bush, the most Roman Catholic voted for Kerry, although the correlation is far from perfect.

What surprised me was the map itself. Who knew Roman Catholicism was the dominant religion in California? I thought Californians worshiped trees, or pyramids, or UFOs, or something. Oh, wait, the Hispanics. That makes sense, but Montana? Roman Catholic? Huh? Maine is Roman Catholic? Hawaii is Roman Catholic? Don't they throw virgins into volcanoes?

And what's that undefined white spot in Florida? Jewish retirees? Chicken-sacrificing Santerians? I gotta know.

And so few choices. Where are all the Ba'hai? Aren't there enough ethnic Japanese in Hawaii for a least one Shinto or Buddhist county? Have we no animists? Wiccans? This further steels my resolve to put 'Jedi' in the 'religion' box on my next census form.

And now, how to solve The American Problem: merge Great Britain into America.

England would become two states, Scotland one, Ireland would be reunited and merged into Massachusetts.

The commentors' comments are as good as the post. Why not merge all English-speaking nations? Wales could become part of Singapore. Quebec would be joined with Louisiana, and the rest of Canada becomes part of Scotland. Belize becomes part of Delaware. South Africa merges with Texas.

The political problems would be less bothersome than the sports problems, though.

Then there are the serious issues: will the Americans ever get the hang of football? (I know they have a game they call football, but I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about football.)


meaning: step, grade

小売値段 == kourinedan == retail price
上がり段 == agaridan == staircase, doorstep

Disputed etymology. Right radical is 'strike with tool/weapon'. The left radical may be derived from a pictograph of a cliff with steps cut in it. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Cut steps by striking cliff.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
Gahoh kanji movie
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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