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Life is too short to edit video, Part 3

Okay, I'm dropping back and punting on this for now.

I've tried everything I can think of except buying a new 'puter, and still my video editing setup is so slow and stuttering as to be unusable.

I'd been capturing at 608 x 464, which is S-video resolution. I'm giving up on this, and dropping back to 304 x 474, which is roughly VHS resolution. Video won't be quite as sharp, but I've got no other option at this point, my hardware setup just can't deal with the higher resolution.

If I'm happy with what I'm producing, I may spring for better equipment, although I hadn't planned on upgrading my 'puter for another year, and the stock market has been biting my leg and making me feel poor.

I'm still trying to figure out whether there's any better solution, but I'm not hopeful of finding anything simple
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