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Okay, they're bringing in the lawyers.

CNN has sent the Crossfire guys to bed, and Big Name Lawyers lefty Lawrence Tribe and righty C. Boyden Gray are in the spotlight, talking about provisional ballots in Ohio. Which won't be counted for another eleven days. However, it sounds like the provisional ballots would have to break 9:1 in Kerry's favor to give him the state. So the Democrats will have to scrounge around the state for more votes. Tribe is repeating a rumor that voters who stood out in rain for five hours were then not allowed to vote because the voting machines broke? Hm. I heard they Xeroxed paper ballots for them. Rumors and allegations are flying. Wheeee! This sucks.

Okay, I'm turning off the TV. This election is going nowhere tonight. I go to read fiction, write fiction, and read slush.

The country will still be here in the morning.

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