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Election 2004, interim thoughts

1. Barack Obama is extremely articulate and utterly charming. I reminded of a black Reagan. Right now he's untested in the vale of soul-making that is the Senate. It's unknown whether he will rise to its challenge and resist its temptations. But he's definitely someone to keep our eyes on, and not just because he's "only the third black US Senator, ohmygod how cool!!!" He radiates charisma and confidence.

2. From 'DemInTampa' on DailyKos: "...we Democrats still want to win "nice". Rove doesn't care about "nice", and the Republicans don't care about "nice". The only way to beat these fucks is to start attacking them from the day they take office, and not let up until we carry their cold, dead political bodies into the crematorium.

I pledge to you now. The only good Republican is an unemployed (and indicted) Republican. The only good outcome is one in which Republicans are bleeding and sodomized in prison.

Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. That embittered Democrats will destroy the village in order to save it. Please, folks. Step back from the edge of that abyss. I know, I know, the Republicans started it with relentless Clinton-bashing in the 1990's. It was a bad idea then, it's a bad idea now.

3. Robert Novak needs his dentures refitted. And his comb-over reinvented. Paul Begala is more rational and less insanely partisan than I have ever heard him. Age has mellowed Carville. I think I want his haircut. Probably not his glasses.

4. The chicks on the other side of the window to the street behind the Crossfire team are exposing their breasts when the camera angle is right. Is this a great country, or what?

5. Ohio is the new Florida. CNN is terrified to call it.

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