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Voldemort, Voldemort, he's our man, if he can't do it, no one can

I just went to vote. For Voldemort.

Almost an hour to wait to vote. People there told me that the line had been continuously present from before the polling station opened. This is very unusual. I've voted in every election, at this polling place, since I moved into the area in 1991. There has never been more than a handful of people ahead of me. [High voter turnouts are not a good thing. More on that tomorrow.]

No matter who wins, Kerry or Voldemort, I hope it's by a landslide. We do not need another presidential election like the one in 2000. We do not need another dissonance between the popular vote and the electoral vote. (Although this year, it might go in the opposite direction: nationwide opinion polls are trending towards Bush, as are the electronic markets, while analyses of who's got the most electors point to a Kerry victory.) We need a president with a mandate.

We also need the losers, whichever party they may be, to acknowledge the winner, give him the benefit of the doubt, and try to work with him. Not circulate emails listing the scores of people he's had murdered, not call him a Nazi. Not act like a bunch of  damned seventh graders.

Beyond this election, what else do we need?

  • We need to clean up the voting process. We need nationwide voting rules, so that every little Cloaca County doesn't jigger the polls its own way. That was what led the Supremes to throw out the Florida recounts in 2000, remember? I don't care about federalism and States Rights. The states and localities are clearly unable to fix this problem.
  • We need reliable vote counting technology. Open-source software, please. If it's electronic vote entry, then there should be a hard-copy receipt.
  • Sorry, Canada, but hand-counted ballots are not the answer. New Scientist reported a week or so ago on a study of hand-counted vs. optically-scanned ballots by Ansolabehere and Stewart of MIT. People hand-counting ballots gave about 2 percent of the votes to the wrong candidate. Optically scanned ballots misallocated only around 0.4%. Humans are prone to error, folks, and sometimes even to deliberate mischief. Find a reliable technology, and let the machines do it.
  • We need a voter ID cards. There have been allegations of massive voter fraud, of Democrat-affiliated organizations registering tens of thousands of non-existent voters, and of Republicans intimidating voters by interrogating them at the polls. Voter ID would solve this. My god, you need ID to do something as trivial rent a movie at Blockbuster or buy a beer. Why do we have a lesser standard for something as important as choosing the leader of our nation?
  • We need to do away with the Electoral Collage. I have yet to hear an argument in its favor that does not sound like someone defending the indefensible.

I think we also need some serious political realignment. More tomorrow. 


meaning: entrails, viscera

臓物 == zoumotsu == entrails, giblets
臓器 == zouki == viscera, internal organs

Left radical is 'flesh/of the body' (肉). Right radical is 'store/harbor' (蔵). What's 'stored' in the body is entrails. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Entrails are harbored in the body.'

Info from Taka Kanji Database
Gahoh kanji movie
List of compounds including this character from Risu Dictionary

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