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Use the fuchsia, Luke

WHAT WOULD Star Wars have looked like if it had been designed by, well, designers, instead of by a bunch of techno-geek-science fiction fans? Chewy, for example, might have looked something like this:</font>

Fashion designer Betsey Johnson didn't want Chewbacca to be called a "walking carpet" ever again. Gone are the earth tones and tattered accessories. The new Chewy is fun, funky, and fabulous! "Who wouldn't want to be seen hanging off the arm of this hairy hunk!" exclaimed Betsey... Betsey dabbled in hairstyling and dyeing to achieve Chewy's new purple and magenta look. "My hands were pink and purple for a week!" she said.

Chewy, the Imperial Walker Beetle, the Millennium Falcon redesigned in Memphis (what ever happened to Memphis, anyway?), and more, at Star Wars, Designer Edition. Use the fuchsia, Luke.

This is part of, a site that appears to be about design, with a strong camp flavor. While you're there, take a look at Obscene Interiors, and Obscene Interiors II, a critique of the decorating ("Bad porn, worse drapes") in amateur pr0n shots on the net. Most of the victims appear to be gay males, and they don't seem to have any better taste than people who do straight porn, go figure.

Oh, and along the same lines, how about this job listing for an Imperial Administrative Assistant to Darth Vader? You get to kick Ewoks! Joy!

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