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As you may have heard, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, now called Yusuf Islam, was recently denied entry into the US. (Besides his previous, ah, intemperate statements about Salman Rushdie and his fatwa, he has contributed money to terrorist-affiliated groups.) Regardless of whether or not he should have been denied entry, the incident made me think of Cat Stevens' music, and I've been playing Teaser and the Firecat and Tea for the Tillerman.

Good stuff. I hope Yusuf has found himself where he wants to be, but I wish he hadn't stopped making popular music. "Morning Has Broken" was one of the songs played at the funeral of Dr. Bill Spivey, an emergency physician and researcher who was my colleague and mentor at MCP Hospital for a number of years. Bill was only 39 when he died. I can't listen to it that song without remembering him.


meaning: measure, foot

尺度 == shakudo == scale, gauge
三尺帯 == sanjakuobi == waistband, belt, cloth girdle, obi

Originally a pictograph of a forearm and spread hand, indicating measurement by the size of a body part. Henshall suggests taking it as a 'topless' variant of 'door' (戸), the lower right stroke as a 'prop', and as a mnemonic: 'Measure prop for foot of topless door.'

Stroke order from Josh's Chinese Lookup Thingy (animated)
Info from Taka Kanji Database
Gahoh kanji movie

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