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Kaze to ame

Wind and rain for the last 24 hours; I love it! I should have been a lighthouse keeper. I ran a Quake II character named "Wind and Rain" for a while.

Almost done with Perl code for QA project. Its made me realize how stupid it is for a language to change its verb form with respect to number. Why bother?!? I have had to write a lot of '? :' structures in the printf's to make the printout grammatical. It's very annoying. And so unnecessary. Japanese is much more sensible this way.

However, it isn't sensible in other ways. Switching back and forth between two different numbering systems? Having a special counting nominal for whether an object is flat or cylindrical? What's up with that?

I suppose every language has its own stupidities. There have been many, many attempts to devise new, rational languages. Esperanto, Interlingua, and many others. But none have caught on.

Maybe Klingon will be the language of the future. Whaddya think?
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