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Happy Birthday!

THE FOLLOWING celebrities and public figures have birthdays today, July 2:

Cheryl Ladd, 50
Imelda Marcos, Goddess of Shoes and Wretched Excess, 72
Richard Petty, 64

Today would also have been the birthday of Thurgood Marshall, who died January 24, 1993, and Dan Rowan, d. 9/22/1987.

Dan who? Dan Rowan was the co-host, with Dick Martin, of Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, which you've probably heard of, a seminal comedy variety show of the 1960's. Lily Tomlin and Goldie Hawn, still both going strong, were among its performers. The show seems dated and ridiculous now, but at the time, its screwball humor and non-stop format were daring and innovative.

Why this now? Because I just stumbled across Who's Alive and Who's Dead, a database of the, um, mortal status of many public personalities. Useful reference for solving the questions that come up, usually after a few or more drinks, of whether X star who hasn't been heard from in a while, has kicked the bucket yet.

A good site for all of us geezers who, over a breakfast of Metamucil, All-Bran, and prune juice, scan the obits through Coke-bottle bottom glasses, gleefully cackling, "Hehe! I've outlived another one!"
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