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I don't usually post links from BoingBoing (because I assume everyone reads BoingBoing already), but I couldn't resist this, the Half-Life casemod. Damn. I'm going to take a major hit to my geek whuffie when I admit I've never played Half-Life, but this *looks* like a Fallout casemod, and I have played Fallout. Post-apocalyptic case mods. Mmmm. The problem is—now it's art. And that 'aged' mouse looks pretty uncomfortable.

So, it's not practical. But boy, does it look cool.


meaning: cotton, cotton wool

木綿 == momen == cotton
綿飴 == wataame == cotton candy

Left radical is 'thread' (糸). The top part of the right radical is 'white' (白), and a different radical for 'threads'. Thus, 'white threads (doubled)', or cotton. Henshall suggests as a mnemonic: 'Many white threads of cotton make cotton wool.'

Stroke order from Josh's Chinese Lookup Thingy (animated)
Stroke order from Taka Kanji Database
Other info from Taka Kanji Database
Gahoh kanji movie

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