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EMS report

A recent patient. Text portion of EMS report has been reproduced, with the names deleted to protect the guilty.

Dispatched on 5/19/04 at 00:55 to "Respiratory Difficulty." Arrived on scene of [address], finding [patient name] aggressive and in respiratory distress.  Patiesnt was under arrest and in police custody and intoxicated. Patient began becoming physically and verbally threatening. Patient threatened to injure themself if placed in Police holding cell. Pt. Became agitated and becam verbal abuse of Police/EMS personel. Patient became physically resistive trying to injure police officers and EMS personel when Police attempted to place Pt. In cell. Patient then injured themself with blunt force to head in cell. Patient was then restrained and transported in [volunteer ambulance company] with [EMS squad] and police escort in [volunteer ambulance company]. Pt. began attempting to bite/kick/hit/spit on/ verbally attack and physically injure ems/police personel en route, behavior followed in suit at hospital, Pt said "Blow up" [locality] police station with "Gallons of gasoline". Pt addmited 302 to Fitz.

Pt had part of intestines removed several months ago.

'302' refers to the section of Pennsylvania state law that allows for involuntary psychiatric evaluation. '302' can be used as a noun ("Is there a 302 on the chart?" or a verb ("Has he been 302'd by police, or do we have to do it?") I'm not sure what part of speech it is playing here. Adverb? Adjective? It's a mystery.

This was a bipolar patient who had been out drinking. Bad combination. She was wearing some fairly skanky clothing. (I have never before seen a top with a zipper that opens from the bottom, and only goes half way up the breastbone. What is the point of this?) One of the police apparently said she looked like a prostitute, and that set her off. She called me a 'baldheaded bastard', so I insisted the nurses call me that for the rest of the night. It took, I think, eight police and EMS to transfer her from the EMS stretcher to the ER gurney. Kicking, biting, screaming, punching... She finally settled down with Haldol and Ativan. Haldol is a wonderful drug.

porphyrin! See what you miss not practicing adult medicine?



meaning: abundant, rich

貿易風 == bouekifuu == trade wind
貿易業 == boukigyou == trading business

Bottom radical is 'shell/money/valuable item' (貝). Top radical is derived from a pictograph of a horse's bit, and acts phonetically to express 'exchange'. Henshall suggests taking the top radical as 'sword' (刀),  and as a symbol of 'bending' and as a mnemonic: 'Exchange bent sword for money in trade deal.'

Stroke order from Josh's Chinese Lookup Thingy (animated)
Stroke order from Taka Kanji Database
Other info from Taka Kanji Database
Gahoh kanji movie

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