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Fork rant

Why do we eat vegetables with forks, rather than spoons?

Green beans, okay, you can spear them. Chunks of broccoli or asparagus, ditto. But corn? Peas? Mashed or baked potatoes? Why in god's name must one balance one's peas on a fork, or be thought an uncultured dolt, when eating them with a spoon makes so much more sense? Mashed potatoes and gravy have about the same consistency as pudding, but we are allowed to eat pudding with a spoon and are forced to eat mashed potatoes with a fork. OMGWTF?

Whose fault is this madness?

I blame the French. La Tour d'Argent, famous for numbering its ducks, has been in business since 1582, claims to have introduced the fork to France, and doubtless is behind its current inappropriate use.

And no, the answer is not the spork, that grapefruit spoon with a pituitary disorder. The answer is to use eating implements in their proper offices, dammit. Forks for spear-able items, spoons for shovel-able ones. MASHED POTATOES CANNOT BE SPEARED.

Someday... in the far, far future... when all the races and creeds cease their argument and join hands together, when "the war-drum throbb'd no longer, and the battle-flags were furl'd / In the Parliament of man, the Federation of the world," when death and disease have been banished, and we are able to lay aside our race's petty superstitions and shibboleths, we will be able to put away the prejudices of our ancient manners of refection, and use our eating implements in a rational manner.

Until that happy day, hide this truth in your heart, and pass it along to your children: it makes no damned sense to eat creamed corn with a fork.

Okay, I'm done.



meaning: again, repeat

回復 == kaifuku == recovery (from illness), rehabilitation
復古 == fukko == revival, restoration 

Left radical is 'go', right radical is a character only found in Chinese meaning 'go back'. Thus, it originally meant, 'go somewhere then go back'. Henshall suggests taking the right radical as 'person' (人), 'sun' (日), and 'sitting cross-legged', and as a mnemonic: 'Person goes repeatedly to sit cross-legged in sun.'

Stroke order from Josh's Chinese Lookup Thingy (animated)
Stroke order from Taka Kanji Database
Other info from Taka Kanji Database
Gahoh kanji movie

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