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I am an imaginary living body

God, but I had a crappy night in the ER last night. I feel like the dummy system right after Ritsuko pushed the button.

OTOH, I'm probably doing better than most of my patients, so I shouldn't complain, should I? I get to go home and console myself with Häagen-Dazs Macadamia Nut Brittle. Most of them didn't. I'll recover. Some of them won't.

I really shouldn't complain.

The first patient I saw was a young woman who said she slipped and fell on water in a supermarket. Complained of back and ankle pain. No objective physical findings. X-rays normal. She was very concerned that everything was carefully documented in the 'report'.

She wants to sue. That may have been her only reason for coming to the ER. The medical records people tell me that almost every injured person we see eventually has their records requested by an attorney. Lots of people get rear-ended at traffic lights, but the only ones who come to the ER are the ones who were hit, never the ones who hit them. Why? Because you can only sue if you were hit. Do they really have any significant injury? Probably not, but we all pretend they do so they and their lawyers can extract money from the insurance companies. Then we all complain about how expensive car insurance is.

The next patient I was was a young woman complaining vigorously of lower abdominal pain. Temp 101.5. Exquisitely tender abdomen. Pus pouring from her cervix. PID, 'pelvic inflammatory disease', infection of the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes with gonorrhea or chlamydia. She's getting an ultrasound right now to rule out a TOA, 'tubo-ovarian abscess', and she will almost certainly be admitted. At age 20, she's had one kid. She may or may not have any more, PID may scar down her tubes so that she becomes infertile. Or it may just scar them down enough to give her a tubal pregnancy the next time. Which she may survive. Or may not. Or she may develop chronic infection and pain, and have to get a hysterectomy at age 24. Or she may do okay, and not get any of this stuff. Meanwhile, the boy who did her is out there giving the same thing to other girls.

The next patient I saw was a 24 year old guy, IV heroin user, who had been seen here and admitted with a huge abscess inside his left elbow where he missed a vein, four days ago. He left the hospital within 24 hours, against the advice of his doctors. I suggested to him that he should be re-admitted. We hadn't determined whether he might also have infection of the heart valves. Left unchecked, that kind of infection destroys the valves, resulting in heart failure and death. Or it can spit septic blood clots to other parts of the body. Like the brain.

"Nah, I feel fine," he said. He left again. He has a wife and kid. And a teardrop tattooed below one eye.

My patients from last night are both are victims and victimizers, all mixed up, sometimes in the same person. The first patient was a little of both. The second patient was mostly a victim. The third was mostly a victimizer.

I've been watching Maria-sama ga miteru. It's a (???) shoujo drama set in an all-girls school, with a lot of Christian semiotics (that are about as incoherent as the kabbalistic semiotics in Evangelion) and some largely platonic lesbian subtext. As robotazalea says, it's not as gothic as Oniisama E, but it is still very sweet and touching. Just after the opening credits, we see the cast lined up, with Yumi and Sachiko, the pair around whose relationship the story revolves, at the the center. "The Lillian Girls' School," says the voice over, "is a garden for maidens."

I wish there were a garden for maidens. Where there need be no victims or victimizers. Where pain is caused not by exploitation, but only by misunderstanding, and can be resolved and redeemed by a heart full of truth and feeling. Where unrequited love leaves only emotional scars, and leads eventually to personal growth and self-understanding.

Where we could put all the girls to protect them from the boys.


tomi, to(mu)
meaning: wealth, riches

富裕 == fuyuu == wealth
富士山 == fujisan == Mount Fuji

Top radical is 'roof/house', bottom radical is 'full', acting phonetically to express 'rich'. Thus, 'house of riches'. Henshall suggests taking the bottom radical as 'single' (一), 'entrance' (口), and 'field' (田),and as a mnemonic: 'House at single entrance to field grows wealthy.'

Stroke order from Josh's Chinese Lookup Thingy (animated)
Stroke order from Taka Kanji Database
Other info from Taka Kanji Database
Gahoh kanji movie

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