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Another death in the family

THINK anyone will have sympathy for me because my Cuisinart food processor died?

It's been a very good Cuisinart. I've had it since around 1983. I've chopped up tons of nuts, meat, carrots for carrot cake, potatoes and leeks for soup, and god knows what else in it, but the end is here. There was a 20 year warranty on the motor (modern models only come with a 5 year warranty), and the motor still runs fine. But the plastic bowl has been developing cracks for the last year or two, and the other night part of it gave way, back where the spring thingy activates the safety interrupt when you have bowl properly installed. I can still hotwire the safety interrupt by depressing the pin with a small screwdriver, but that's an annoying kluge, I need a new bowl.

I need a new blade, too. My current one's been very dull ever since, I, uh, used it to chop up fir bark for orchid potting mix. Okay, it wasn't the smartest thing to do. You can get bowls and blades and other replacement parts on-line, but after replacing all the plastic parts and the blade, the cost is getting close to $100, and I don't want to throw that kind of money at a machine that has an 18-year-old motor about to go out from under warranty.

So I bought a new one from It's almost the same model. Hope it lasts as long. I'll still keep the old one around, until the motor dies for good. For things like chopping fir bark. ^^;;

First Windows, now my Cuisinart. I'm not having luck with consumer electronics lately. Hope deaths of comsumer electronics don't come in threes. [looks nervously at rack of AV gear]

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