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Windows crash, Part Deux

FOR THOSE of you who have been hanging breathlessly on the tale of my Win98 crash and reinstall...

Apparently my Zipdrive wasn't working because it's on my SCSI card, and that wasn't working, because the Win98 reinstall hadn't installed the Adaptic drivers, because it couldn't find a free IRQ.

Even though IRQ 3 and IRQ 5 are sitting there, wide open. (No, I don't use COM2.)

[audible groan]

I've tried playing Musical Chairs with the IRQ's, trying to wedge in my SCSI card, my DSL card, my DC10+ video capture card, along with the keyboard/printer/mouse/etc. stuff... and it ain't working. Even though there are two IRQ's sitting wide open, Win98, which has the intelligence of a colony of cherrystone clams, refuses to use them.


I really preferred the days of jumpers, where you just set a jumper on the &^%%$# card for the preferred IRQ, and Win95 kept its sticky fingers out of the situation. I'm perfectly capable of setting a jumper, thanks. Why can't I just set my video capture card to the same IRQ as the the printer? It's not like I'm going to be using them at the same time. [sigh again]

So. Next step is to pull the video capture card, reinstall the SCSI drivers, then reinstall the capture card, and hope Win98 detects it and finds a space for it.

What's so sad about all this is that this combination of cards and Win98 was working perfectly up until two days ago, and I still don't know why Win98 crashed.
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