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Skin rats with Amy!

"Hello! My name is Amy Ritchie and I'm 14 years old and homeschooled. Welcome to my page! This page is all about my favorite hobby, skinning and taxidermy."

On her rat skinning page, Amy teaches us how to... well, you know. With pictures.

Home schooling is big. At any given time, about 1% of all school-age children are being home-schooled. These represent about 10% of the entire private-school population. Another home-schooled kid recently won the US national Spelling Bee this year, spelling words much harder than I could. In fact, home-schooled kids have won the national Spelling Bee for the last four years, and took first, second, and third place in 2000. The NEA predictably doesn't like the concept of home schooling, although it is legal in every state. A white paper from the Department of Education says that home-schooled kids do at least as well as those in public and private schools, and that concerns that they won't be adequately socialized are groundless. Numbers of home-schooled kids continue to grow yearly, and I don't think we're anywhere near the topping out of this phenomenon. I doubt a majority of kids will ever be home-schooled, but I can imagine that decades in the future 10% to 20% might be.

Would have going to public or conventional private school made any difference in Amy's rat-skinning activities? Who knows. Go, Amy! But please be very, very careful with with carnivores like skunks and raccoons, because in many places—such as my neck of the woods in SE Pennsylvania—rabies is endemic in these species.

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