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LJ stats

Has everyone seen the LiveJournal stats page? It's interesting just to look at. Some of the information scrolls too fast to be useful, like who updated most recently. But some of it is fascinating.

Women outnumber men here by 2:1. Those inarticulate men! Or maybe they just can't stop playing Tribes II.

Almost 200,000 people have started LJ's, but a quarter of them have never updated, i.e., they created a journal but never used it. About 30,000 update their journal every day, and 60,000 every week, on average. Most users are in the US. The state with the largest number of users is CA, not surprising given its population. I wonder what that number is in percentage terms, though. I'll bet CA still ranks high, it's a very tech-savvy state.

This is a very young crowd. Modal age is 16. o_O;;

Rate of increase of daily posts is scary. LJ is still on the logrithmic part of the growth curve.


Have you voted for LJ for the Webbies yet? We're pulling ahead of Blogger! Get out there and vote!

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