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...and the peasants are revolting

Recent Hubble Space Telescope images of distant exploding stars add further confirmation to the permanence of a mysterious, repulsive force called dark energy that appears to dominate the universe.
What a terrible thing to say about dark energy! Why, I'd love to have my stories just filled with dark energy. Really. Come here, your poor little misunderstood force, and gimme a hug. *hug* There, feel better now?

And now that dark energy has been cheered up, I must leave Miami in a few hours. Wasn't a bad conference. Best part was the lecturer on ventilator management pretending he was a pressure gauge. He sort of half-stooped down in front of the giant screen showing a PowerPoint presentation, and moved his right arm up and down to simulate the movement of the needle on the gauge. Inspiring. Continuing medical education meets performance art. Then he covered himself in chocolate and ketchup to symbolize man's inhumanity to man. Well, no, he didn't, but he certainly should have.

I've been plugging away on "Tragedies and Statistics" while I've been here, and hoped to finish it, but it's not going to happen. I hope to finish it within a day or two of when I get back.
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