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And here I am in Miami. Marriott Biscayne Bay has high speed access per room, just plug in your ethernet card, and va-va-voom, for US$9.95 a day. I'll take it.

Weather is lovely, wish you were here. Temps in the 60's, dry air, slight breeze. Room has a tiny balcony overlooking the marina, in which there is now a power boat coughing its lungs out, or whatever powerboats have. At 1:41 in the morning. WTF?Hotel service is detailed and friendly. One lamp has a dead bulb. Room sound insulation isn't good. Only typing table is so high that my incipient carpal tunnel is being reactivated. This is bad.

I was a little worried about language difficulties, but seems that many people in Miami speak English, including most of the hotel staff. Whew! English is almost like a second language here. They must teach it in schools or something.

I was a little worried when I noticed, on the drive from the airport, that many, many houses have large, obvious burglar bars over the windows and doors. Miami is a community of little fortresses. It's sad to see a city so under siege by crime.

In other news, I successfully picked the cases of cocaine and automatic weapons from my contact, so hakuna matata.
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