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Something shiny!

Don't these look sinister, and otherwordly? Like the glowing fewmets of some fabulous interstellar Questing Beast? [paperclip included for scale]
AT WORK the other day someone brought in some munchies, and dumped them together in a tub on the central desk. There were little pretzels, chips, and cheese curls. Like the ones at right.

The cheese curls were pounced upon and eaten first. In fact, almost immediately. Hardly anything else was touched until the cheese curls were gone.

What can it mean?

Crackpot Theory® #67: People like shiny food.

On a certain level, our aesthetic tastes are no more complicated than those of magpies. We are drawn to things that shine, that glitter, that are sparkly. Take Las Vegas. Please. Or 1980's power ties. Or red sports cars, or gold and diamond jewelry, or special effects, explosions, 4th of July fireworks. Or business suits, or little black dresses... wait a minute, those screw up the point I was trying to make. Okay, so not everything we like is sparkly. But a lot is. The surest way of getting our attention is to dangle something shiny in front of us.

Even food. When you think about it, the entire 'presentation of food' thing is about making food shiny and sparkly and colorful. Why do sweet red peppers even exist, costing four times as much as the green ones, and not tasting any different? Why do people buy them? For the color. Even the cook in the lowliest greasy spoon throws a bit of parsley on the platter with the chicken-fried steak, to give it a bit of color. And the pastry chef in the four star restaurant takes incredible care swirling two colors of dessert sauce together in the plate he serves his dessert in. It's all about being shiny.

Look! A cheese curl! [munch]

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