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God, but the net has been sucky tonight. No, Verizon, it's not my connection, it's somewhere among the twisty paths, all alike, that comprise the Verizon/GTE/BBN Planet routers. My DSL connection has died about three times, and when it's up, I can get though to some of the net, but not to the rest of it. Like, I can get to Google, and the SOAR archive, but not LiveJournal.

It can't be congestion, it's the middle of the fscking night, everyone normal is asleep, and the routers are all in the US, it's not like it's a problem with the Asian business day. Are they doing maintenance, or something?

If I call Verizon tech support, know what they'll tell me? They'll tell me to reinstall my drivers.

Seriously. I've been down this route before.

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