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Add this to your New Year's resolutions

HK pop legend Anita Mui is dead of cervical cancer at age 40.

Age 40.

Listen: cervical cancer should kill no one. Cervical cancer is close to 100% curable if you catch it early. It is one of the few cancers that's easy to catch early and cure. All it takes to detect it is a Pap smear.

Every woman should have a Pap smear within three years of first sexual intercourse, or age 21, whichever comes sooner. Every woman should have a Pap smear yearly up to age 30. Full guidelines here.

Every death is sad. The death of a 40 year old woman is more than sad, it's absurd and infuriating and completely unnecessary.

If you're female, and you're not completely sure you're doing what your Gyn says to do with respect to routine exams and Pap smears, please add to your New Year resolutions to talk to your Gyn about this. 

This world is full of risks and dangers. Some you can avoid, some you can't. But cervical cancer is one risk you can completely avoid with very little effort. No one should die of cervical cancer.

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