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SETI, as you may know, is the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence, which has been conducted for years out of UC Berkeley. This is not a bunch of crackpot UFOlogists, but a serious scientific effort to study radio emissions from space and attempt to determine whether any pattern is present that might suggest transmission of radio data by an alien civilization. Although the project is decades old, they have yet to find anything promising.

This project requires a lot of number crunching, and about two years ago SETI started the SETI@Home project. They have recruited three million PC users, who download SETI software, receive SETI data, let their PC's crunch the data (when they're not doing anything else with the PC), and return the results to SETI. That effort, too, has not been reported to have found anything...

...until now. There have been recent rumors that SETI has finally Found Something. Item: SETI's CGI servers have been down for about two weeks. British bookies, after giving 100:1 odds against the possibility of intelligent alien life for years, have suddenly dropped their odds to 50:1. Do they know something?

Maybe SETI has found something, and is trying to figure out how to tell us? Conspiracy theorists, start your inference engines!

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